At Tandridge Trust we have over 100 group exercise classes a week to choose from across the three sites, ranging from fat burning to strength building and holistic to specialist classes. With this vast choice you are bound to find something to suit you. If you are not quite sure which class is right for you, give us a call and we will guide you.

Our Instructors are enthusiastic, motivated and highly qualified. They strive to inspire, educate and pass on their enthusiasm for healthy living in every class they teach, so please feel free to ask them questions and give them feedback.



45 & 60min classes

75 & 90min classes


£6.40 (CM) / £7.50 (NM) 

£8 (CM) / £9.40 (NM) 

Concessions (60+ / disabled) / YP (16-17)

£4.80 (CM) / £5.60 (NM) 

£6 (CM) / £7.05 (NM)

Spinning® (16yrs+)

£3.00 (CM) / £4.50 (NM)  

Spinning® Saver Pass (16yrs+)

£27 (CM)  

Group classes timetables

de Stafford Sports Centre 
Oct - Dec 2017
Tandridge Leisure Centre
Oct - Dec 2017
The Village Health Club
Oct - Dec 2017

Centre Member (CM) / Non member (NM) NB: Spinning is only available at The Village Health Club.  Saver pass only available to Members.


To book your class please ring the centre where your desired class is taking place

Tandridge Leisure Centre: 01883 716 717 (option 1) / de Stafford Sports Centre: 01883 716 717 (option 2) / The Village Health Club: 01883 716 717 (option 3)

If you are a Premier or Group Exercise member, why not sign up to book your classes online.

Premier/GE members can book 7 days in advance.  Gym/Swim members can book 5 days in advance.  Centre members can book and pay 5 days in advance.  Non members can book and pay 3 days in advance.

Cancelling your booking

Please remember if you are not able to attend your Group Class to cancel your space. This allows others to have your space. We reserve the right to charge for non attendee spaces that have not been cancelled.

You can cancel your class by phoning the centre or by text (only available at Tandridge Leisure Centre and de Stafford Sports Centre.)

Text ‘cancel’ followed by the initials of the class, day, your initial, surname and membership number to your centre’s unique number.

de Stafford Sports Centre: 80011 Tandridge Leisure Centre: 80806

Example To: 80011 Message: cancel HL Tues J Bloggs 2123212